“Fast Electric” our first boat show boat enjoyed an incredible reception, at the London boat show.

“Motor boat and yachting” wrote about her: “you can put your tongue back in your mouth now because this glorious launch has far more to her than jaw dropping looks”.

She’s a wonderful blend of the old and the new, traditional skills married to state of the art hull dynamics and hybrid motive technology.

She is a flagship electric and hybrid performance vessel, and a joy to be aboard, fast, almost silent, and incredibly cool.

The perfect super-yacht tender, lake runabout or coastal cruiser.

She has a foam carbon hull, and finished beautifully using some of the finest English timbers available:

English oak, cherry and Douglas fir, hand crafted and varnished to perfection. We use best quality teak for the decks caulked with silver for that added touch of style.

Stunning hand sewn upholstery in a range of colours and fabrics to complement the boat and reflect the style and desires of the owner, are fitted over carbon formers.

Hybrid powered by a range of electric motors, from 5 to 90kw. giving her speeds of up to 30 knots,

Our new hybrid system using super-efficient DC generators. married to state of the art Mastervolt electronics and lithium batteries, for normal cruising the boat can cruise for 25 miles. For more speed and performance, the Genset generator powers the motors, and for maximum sprint speeds our technology pulls power from both the Genset and the batteries offering sprint speeds of up to 30 knots – acceleration unlike any conventional boat.

Eco friendly in both its drive system and its build method, we can utilise the latest solar technology with thin film solar fabrics, coating the Bimini, and or the decks.