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Patterson Boatworks is set in the heart of British Lake District. Due to the high quality craft and position in the boating world through its portfolio of boats, we are embedded within the national and international market.

We are proud of our huge portfolio of boats – from complete rebuilds of historic yachts to custom carbon fibre tenders.

Patterson Boatworks has a team of experienced boat builders. Specialising in timber and composite boatbuilding, we use the very best of today’s resin and reinforcement technologies, married with traditional timber techniques and materials.

Our company offers a complete boat building and restoration service. Aimed at the bespoke market that values performance, styling and high-end finishing.

We try to source our timber as locally as possible, oak, douglas fir, cherry and other fruit woods being the mainstay of our production. We also use tropical hardwoods such as mahogany, teak, utile but are very careful in our selection both in terms of quality and eco sustainability.

Patterson Boatworks provides customers with advice on a myriad of boat-related topics – including advice on textiles for new boats and restorations. Patterson Boatworks counsels its customers on best methods and materials to ensure high quality end products.




We have over 25 year’s experience of boat and yacht building.



We’re based near Windermere in the Lake District National Park



From traditional looking electric sail boats to futuristic high performance carbon tender

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