Everything sprouts in Spring – especially boats!

Everything sprouts in Spring, and it certainly has in the boat yard!

Spring is a favorite season for many people, and it is certainly easy to understand why. Spring is when everything comes back to life after a long winter.

For boat owners there is nothing like coming out of the winter into the spring. – the coming of spring means days out in their beautiful boats!

We have been very busy ensuring our clients’ boats are ready to be launched for an exciting boating season…

Steam Launch, Bluebell

SL Bluebell’s engine came back from its winter service with our marine engineer, John Maltby.

bluebell engine back in 

SL Bluebell’s engine after its winter overhaul

In February we welcomed new spray hand, Yanis Builis, to Patterson Boatworks. Yanis gave Bluebell a stunning new paint job.

Bluebell new paint job    bluebell sprayed

Once SL Bluebell’s engine was back in, her shiny new paint job done, she was ready for the 2016 season on Lake Windermere.

bluebell engine back in

Motor Launch, Heron

The team did a fantastic job with a full strip back and re-varnishing for ‘Heron’. She came up as good as new – in the owners’ eyes, better!

heron beforeHeron before        heron afterHeron after

New Open Launch range – Windermere 27

In March, there was a lot of excitement in the yard as the team started our two new builds – two 27ft open launches – the new Patterson Boatworks  ‘Windermere 27’. Hamish and the team have been busy all hours to get these boats off the ground.

new build   new build ii

long boarding   Long-boarding one of the Windermere 27s

It was then time to turn the hull of the first Windermere 27.

boat turned over

Steamboat, Souvenir d’Anton

SL Souvenir’s boiler was serviced as well as a stunning new funnel fitted and new stern gear fitted.  She was then launched on Lake Windermere in March, ready for her owners to enjoy over Easter.

Souvenir engine   souvenir

Steam launch, Janet

SL Janet has come to the yard after being damaged in the December 2015 storms. Structural work and teak decking on her aft coach roof. Whilst she is here her engine and boiler are out and John Malty is working with the yard to service them. She is due back on Lake Windermere mid-summer.

Janet 4   Janet ii

Janet iii

Janet’s engine was built in 1892.

Janets engine   janet engine

Shrink Wrapping

We have shrink wrapped many boats – a service we are very well-known for. Shrink wrapping protects against weather damage and is waterproof and breathable. Many of our clients use shrink wrapping as it doesn’t move during transportation. Here is a boat we shrink wrapped ready for transport to France in March.

shrink wrapping

As you can see, our boat yard is extremely busy with a huge variety of jobs on the go – from steam launches to our exciting new open launch range such as the Windermere 27! We have so much to look forward to over the next few months!

hamish on w27 Hamish working on the first Windermere 27